Known Issues

Known software issues and defects are reported here for the convenience of Vital-Sim users.

Known issues as of Tuesday, March 3, 2020:

Under investigation:

#1 Application takes focus when mouse-pointer hovers


#4 No warning if input-output variables are conflicting
#8 A track segment appears briefly in the layout window when the user presses CTRL-s
#11 Code-6 signals should automatically drop
#18 Quick-pan window appears in unexpected locations
#20 Track Plan may crash when right-clicking a selected group
#22 CTRL-a does not select off-screen icons
#27 Track Plan window stays on top of all other windows
#29 “Delete” function in track-plan has non-intuitive behavior
#30 Unselecting icons is counter-intuitive
#31 Group-drag with keyboard only moves one icon
#32 Track-plan got stuck scrolling downwards after attempting to delete a group of icons
#33 Green artifacts remain on the track-plan after deleting icons
#34 Track-plan flickers
#35 AppNavigator gets stuck in a loop if a referenced file is missing
#47 Switch-state is not reloaded correctly from a saved track plan
#48 Communication delay is not simulated
#49 Unclear where “append from drawing” will place icons